Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center: A New Way to Fix

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When a disk in your spine (vertebra) is damaged and causes bone and nerve pain, it can be difficult to move around without excruciating pain. A spinal disk injury can happen from trauma or wear and tear over time. The most common cause of spinal disk injuries is the one we typically think of as an accident such as a car crash.

But many people who experience such an injury to their back don’t realize how debilitating the damage can be they don’t know that there are treatments available for them. If you have been experiencing these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, read on to learn about your treatment options at Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center.

How Artificial Disk Replacement Works?

The artificial disc replacement is a new and innovative treatment that restores movement and protects your spine by replacing the weakened disc in your spine with an artificial one. This device is currently used for anyone who has limited use of their arms and hands and they use both hands to do most of their daily activities.

What to Expect from Treatment?

When they’re diagnosed with a back problem, patients tend to want to be fixed right away. While it’s true that the first step of spinal recovery is getting back into your regular life, many people are surprised at the extent of the treatment involved in a back injury.

Depending on the nature of the injury, patients often have to spend time in traction with their back bent for months to several months, followed by months of physical therapy and then months of physical therapy-type treatments to correct the muscle imbalance and relieve stress on the back. While you’re having treatment, you’ll also have to take pain medication that might make you feel like you’re taking cocaine.

It may also take weeks or even months before you’re allowed to have your back adjusted at your local chiropractor.

Why You Might Want to Get Spinal Treatments

Many people who sustain a disk or disk joint injury know that it’s going to be difficult to play sports again. But most people don’t realize that their back pain can become much more significant if they take a long time to recover. Once a person suffers an injury, it’s important to act quickly to treat it. If you don’t get treatment right away, you risk the possibility of long-term back and spinal pain, and chronic disability.

The four most common causes of spinal disk injuries include:

  • Muscle strain and back pain due to prolonged stress to the disk or disk joint
  • Sciatic nerve entrapment from pressure or weakness on the nerve
  • Fracture of the disk
  • A back pain that lasts longer than 2 weeks can indicate the presence of a spinal disk problem.

Final thoughts

Every disk is different, and patients can vary in their tolerance to treatment. Therefore, your doctor will need to create a specific treatment plan that will work best for your specific condition and the severity of your injuries. Because every patient responds differently to treatment, your treatment options will most likely be different as well.

At Advanced Disc Replacement Spinal Restoration Center, we have found an exciting and innovative way to repair your disk. The Lidoderm Procedure may be a great option for you if you are ready to try the options that you have been afraid to try.

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