How to Get a Million Dollar Smile by Finding the Perfect Dentist

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Do you want to have a million-dollar smile that lights up the room when you walk in?

Well, you have to start with finding the perfect dentist. Finding the perfect dentist is about finding someone who is going above and beyond in the areas of cleanliness, sterilization, thoroughness, and consistent care.

Finding the Perfect Dentist

You want to find a dentist that practices using the international standard of care for dentistry. They are guidelines regarding ethical ways of conducting business and controlling the spread of infections. Here are some basic things that a dental office should provide

Do They Have Dental Hygienists on Staff?

The first thing you want to ask your dentist’s office is if they have dental hygienists. You should be cautious of a dentist that does not hire dental hygienists, because that could mean they are doing all of the hygiene care themselves, which may not be as thorough as the work a specialized hygenist would do.

Do They Check Your Gums?

Once you’ve verified that there are actual dental hygienists on staff, make sure you ask if those hygienists check your gums. If they don’t do that then you should go find yourself another dentist.

Gum checks are standard operating practices for any quality dentist or hygenist. If they are not doing these then they are not giving you quality care.

How Long Does an Appointment Take?

When you call to set an appointment, ask them how long that appointment is going to take. If they tell you that it will only be 10 minutes then that’s a bad sign.

There is no way that a dentist can perform a complete dental cleaning in less than 20 minutes. We know you’re busy, but you want to choose a dentist that is going to do a thorough examination and cleaning for the betterment of your dental health.

How Often Do They Do an X-ray?

Getting a regular X-Ray is important to be able to spot dental issues that you may be developing deep in your gums before it happens. Make sure you ask your dentist how often they do X-rays.

X-rays can be expensive, but most people need a regular X-ray every year, and a full X-ray every 2-4 years to keep the best smile possible. Make sure that your dentist is concerned about your health before your insurance.

What Are They Doing to Control the Spread of Infections?

Controlling the Spread of Infections Should be their number #1 priority. Just take a look around the office.

Some dental offices can be so dirty that they will make you wonder how they are even still in business. If the office is squeaky clean it’s a good sign you’re in the right place.

Everyone working there should be wearing gloves and masks. Especially with Covid still being in full swing at the time of this writing, If there is any patient or medical personnel in there that is not wearing a mask I advise you to leave immediately and never come back.

The thing is, most of the infection control as it relates to dentistry is behind the veil. Ask your dentist if they can show you around the area they use to sterilize their materials. If they don’t want to show you then that’s a sign they probably have something to hide.


Finding your perfect dentist is about finding someone who will be there for you through thick and thin. Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to find a dentist. Make sure you put forth your best effort to build a relationship with a dentist that meets all of the above criteria.

Avenue Sourire Dental Center embodies all of the standard practices and infection control procedures we discussed in this article. Visit their website to book an appointment today.

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